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Sticky Situation
First Author: Surya GUPTA


In Situ Bag Repositioning with Double Haptic Scleral Fixation of Multi Piece Acrylic Foldable PC IOL
First Author: Zia MAZHRY


Inject First and then Fixate Hydrophobic Single Piece Acrysof IOL
First Author: Zia MAZHRY


Pivot Concept in Cataract Surgery and a Self Made Artificial Rotatable Eye Model
First Author: Hung Yuan LIN
Co-Author(s): Yu-hsuan HUANG, Ya-jung CHUANG, Pi-jung LIN


Extending Capsulorhexis — Bringing It Back: Simultaneously Cut and Tear Rhexis (SCATR)
First Author: Tarun ARORA
Co-Author(s): Jeewan TITIYAL, Tushar AGARWAL


The Key Points of Capsular Tension Ring Insertion and Phacoemulsification in Lens Subluxation of Traumatic Cataract to Beginner without Capsule Hooks
First Author: Qi WANG
Co-Author(s): Lin LI, Lihua WANG


Capsulotomy Integrity after Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery: Comparative Cohort Study & Ultrastructural Examination
First Author: Brendan VOTE
Co-Author(s): Shaun EWE, Robin ABELL, Peter DAVIES


The Typical Indian Nut: Hard to Crack & Perils of Rhexis
First Author: Sonu GOEL
Co-Author(s): Sonai MUKHERJEE


Clear Lens Extraction and Intraocular Lens Implantation in a Case of Microspherophakia with Secondary Angle Closure Glaucoma
First Author: Sonu GOEL
Co-Author(s): Sonai MUKHERJEE


IRIS Fixation of Toric Intraocular Lens
First Author: Ding LIN


A New Pupil Expander Kid on the Block — Opens Doors to the Future
First Author: Suven BHATTACHARJEE


GLUED IOLs — a Quick Fix Solution
First Author: Sujatha MOHAN
Co-Author(s): Mohan RAJAN


Scleral Fixation with Silicone Oil Removal
First Author: Muhammad MOIN




Cosmetic Pterygium Surgery: ART of Ocular Surface Surgery
First Author: Arun GULANI




The United Colors of Artificial IRIS
First Author: Cesare FORLINI
Co-Author(s): Matteo FORLINI


Management of Trapped Intra-Cameral Live Nematode
First Author: Jeewan TITIYAL
Co-Author(s): Tarun ARORA, Rajesh SINHA


Could any other Pupil Expansion Ring have Done this Job?
First Author: Suven BHATTACHARJEE




Vision Restoration after Optic Neuropathy Using Non-Invasive Alternating Current Stimulation
First Author: Bernhard SABEL




Achieving Retinal Thickness and Volumes Comparability between Spectral Domain and Time Domain Optical Coherence Tomography through Manual Grading of Retinal Boundaries
First Author: Colin TAN
Co-Author(s): Kelvin LI, Tock-han LIM




Intravitreal Chemotherapy for Vitreous Seeds in Retinoblastoma
First Author: Fairooz Puthiyapurayil MANJANDAVIDA
Co-Author(s): Santosh HONAVAR, Vishal SHARMA, Chalamala JANGAIAH, Gangadhar JALLI




Percutaneous Image-Guided Sclerotherapy for Treatment of Orbital Lymphatic Malformation (OLM)
Co-Author(s): Raghuraj HEGDE, Lenny TAN, Gangadhara SUNDAR


Unilateral Severe Proptosis in Atypical Mikulicz's Disease Treated with Lateral Orbitotomy and Systemic Steroid
First Author: Salil MANDAL


Synkinetic Ptosis Made Simple
First Author: Santosh HONAVAR
Co-Author(s): Vishal SHARMA, Fairooz Puthiyapurayil MANJANDAVIDA, Chalamala JANGAIAH, Gangadhar JALLI




Femtosecond Intrastromal Lenticular Implantation (FILI) — an Innovative Technique for Hypermetropia
First Author: Sri GANESH




ILM Peeling in an Unusual Case of Terson Syndrome Having Vitreous and Sub-Ilm Hemorrhage with Good Visual Outcome
First Author: Vivek DAVE
Co-Author(s): Rajeev REDDY


Surgical Treatment of Von Hippel Lindau Retinal Angiomatosis
First Author: Hussain KHAQAN


Scleral Auto Graft for Management of Chronic Maculopathy Associated with Optic Nerve Head Pit
First Author: Parag SHAH
Co-Author(s): Venkatapathy NARENDRAN


Surgery for Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment and Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy associated with Retinal Vasoproliferative Tumor
First Author: Shaheeda MOHAMED
Co-Author(s): Chi-wai TSANG


Optimal Surgery for Myopic Traction Maculopathy (MTM) Encompasses Meticulous Removal Of Adherent Residual Cortical Vitreous Layer and Thorough Peeling of the Internal Limiting Membrane (ILM)
First Author: Samyak MULKUTKAR
Co-Author(s): Mohit DOGRA, Amod GUPTA


Investigation on the Surgical Approaches of Intraocular Magnetic Foreign Bodies Extraction with 25G High-Speed Pars Plana Vitrectomy
First Author: Ke ZHENG


Revisiting the Scleral Sponge and Scleral Band in Complex Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment
First Author: Samyak MULKUTKAR
Co-Author(s): Mohit DOGRA, Amod GUPTA


Pars Plana Vitrectomy with Angioma Excision for Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment Repair in a Patient of Von-Hippel- Lindau Syndrome
First Author: Mohit DOGRA
Co-Author(s): Samyak MULKUTKAR, Amod GUPTA